Testing, Inspection & Certification WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY


  • Grains, Pulses, Oil-seeds & Feed-stuff
  • Sugar (Raw & Refined)
  • Vegetable & Animal oils / fats
  • Coffee, cocoa
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Frozen products


  • Urea / TG Urea
  • Sulphur
  • DAP / MOP
  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Liquid Ammonia
  • Compound Fertilizers


  • Coal, Coke, Iron Ore, DRI
  • Chrome, Manganese, Clinker
  • Pig Iron, Limestone, Gypsum
  • Marble Products, Granite
  • Bauxite, Fluorspar
  • Koalin, Mica, Silica, etc


  • Metal Ingots, Billets
  • Steel Profiles
  • Steel Coils - HRC, CRC
  • Steel Sheet Piles
  • Special Fabricated Sections
  • Steel Pipes - Coated, Uncoated


  • Textile & Apparel Fabric
  • Softline & Hardline Merchandise
  • Imitation Jewelry
  • Leather & Footwear
  • Crockeries, Toys
  • Electronics FMCG Products


  • Crude Oils, Fuel Oils & Gas Oils
  • Kerosene & Jet Fuels
  • Gasoline's & Naphtha
  • Liquid Gases
  • Lubricants / Base Oil
  • Bitumen / Asphalt

Our approach to testing, inspection, and certification is not traditional. We listen to our customer's needs, understand their concerns, and provide solutions that match. We focus on risk management methodologies and take preventative measures to be assured of the best possible outcomes. TCIS uses its vast knowledge, expertise, and diverse networks to ensure that our customers reduce risks, ensure quality, and improve productivity.

TCIS offers technically customized cost-effective solutions. Our personnel monitor every critical point in the supply chain to cover all elements of control. As well as the close surveillance during inspection, we cover laboratory analysis, stock monitoring, audits, and consultancy.

Our Services

  • Pre-shipment Inspection
    • Cargo Condition Check
    • Quantity Estimation
    • Inspection at mines, yards, warehouses, plants, ports, etc.
  • Shipment Supervision / Control – Loading / Discharge
    • Cargo space inspection for suitability
    • Monitoring Load, Discharge & Delivery
    • Tally for bagged cargo
    • Hold / Container sealing
  • Quality Control Inspection for Consumer Goods, Food Products, etc.
    • Ensure the quantity produced (finished and packed) matches with the quantity ordered
    • Ensure visual appearance (color, finish) matches with product ordered
    • Ensure product specifications (measurements, material, functions) comply with the order
    • Verify packaging, labeling, instructions and markings comply with mandatory standards
  • Draft Surveys
  • Sampling & Analysis as per required standards.
  • Container Shipments Supervision / Control - Loading / Discharge
  • Bulk / Break Bulk Vessels Shipment - Loading / Discharge
  • Full Out-turn Guarantee (FOG)
  • Stock determination at yards using Total Stations
  • Supervision on arrivals/ Dispatch & Rake / Truck Loading / Discharge

DRI (B) Superintendency

DRI (B) is a Hazardous metallic material in bulk and considered a critical commodity for transportation. TCIS superintendents are approved agency to assist the exporters, vessel owners ensuring all safe conditions are complied complying with the IMSBC code and P&I guidelines.

Pre-Shipment storage condition

  • Storage infrastructure audit complying with pre-shipment guidelines.
  • Cargo Condition – Checking condition & ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Sampling, Lab analysis for critical parameters to ensure compliance for cargo transportation.
  • Verify shipper’s / Manufacturers declaration with regard to age, cargo specification, quality to ensure compliance for transportation.

Shipment Control

  • Sharing with vessel Master, Port authorities regarding the planned shipment and regulatory compliances for loading.
  • Monitoring the handling of the cargo and its transportation from the storage area to the shipment port.
  • Hold Inspection & ULD Testing, Draft Survey.
  • Supervision of thermocouple placement prior to loading in the cargo holds & after loading.
  • Continuous monitoring of weather conditions, cargo condition, Sampling, temperature during the loading. Monitoring & recording vital data critical to DRI (B) operations.
  • On completion of loading supervision of the cargo holds sealing with foam performed by the contractors.
  • Coordination with the contractors, vessel Master and supervise to ensure safe conditions are achieved complying with regulatory compliances.
  • Vessel safe condition departure readiness for sailing in coordination with the vessel Agent, Master and exporter.
  • Continuous monitoring during sailing and maintaining technical advisory in coordination with vessel Master and TCIS designated person ashore.
  • Vessel safe condition arrival readiness for berthing in coordination with the vessel Agent, Master and importer.

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