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The management teams at TCIS have many years of experience working with Collateral Management Agreements (CMA) and Stock Monitoring Agreements (SMA) for structured trade solutions, including structured trade finance.

Collateral, in the form of metals, commodities or other property, can be pledged as security on the value of a loan from a financier. This process provides a credit risk reduction for the financier however there are still certain risks that need to be allocated. TCIS provide the services to fully mitigate these risks.

TCIS Collateral Management, Stock Management and Stock Monitoring solutions use the most modern methodologies and risk management ideologies. We avoid the possible risks by adopting the latest technologies, early warning systems and insurance solutions. We also provide evaluation, assessment and even auditing for any collateral based finance.

Our ultimate aim is to add value to our customer’s product or service offerings
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TCIS operate globally either through our own TCIS offices or using experienced TCIS agents whom we have tried and trusted for many years in the TIC industry.

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